#SupportLocalCanada INITIATIVE by POP TikR (POPtv)
Thank you for participating!

Calling all Canadians to participate- with special guests already onboard including Canadian singer-songwriter Bif Naked. Powered by POP TikR, a female-led Ottawa start-up effected by Covid19, decided to start this not-for-profit initiative to support local business across Canada.


#SupportLocalCanada: is free to join and comprises of three parts:

  1. #SupportLocalCanadaChallenge on social media (give us your “Gotta Try” list/ shout out your top 3 fav local or Canadian spots (retail/restaurant!) and share your video on social media, tag your friends, brands and @poptikr on the challenge)
  2. Canadian Business Page for local Retail/Restaurants on https://poptikr.com/ (your “Gotta-Try” favs are then listed on our website directory for all Canadians to easily discover and support)
  3. POPtv – a live video broadcast (done remotely) with Canadian Brands and Special Guests for more exposure. (brands/special guests can participate on our weekly live video broadcast series "POPtv" aimed at providing Canadians with a deeper connection and discovery of local brands. To Book:
    Email kdhanoa@poptikr.com
    POPtv is broadcasted on:
    1. FB #SupportLocalCanada Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupportLocalCanada/
    2. YouTube Channel (“POPtv" powered by POP TikR):


  1. #SupportLocalCanadaChallenge: Calling ALL Canadians and special guests to lend a hand UP! So go-ahead, take the challenge, Shout-out Canadian Brands by giving us your “Gotta-Try” list of your top 3 fav retailers and restaurants. EASY!
    1. CREATE your VIDEO
      Ex. I'm happy to accept the #SupportLocalCanadaChallenge! First, I'd like to take some time to thank our front-line heroes and wish everyone well.
      #SupportLocal means alot to me, they are the heart and soul of our cities, our restaurants and retailers are hurting right now.
      So to show my support:
      Here is my:
      "Gotta Try" List: (name your Top 3 fav local or Canadian spots for shopping and/or eating)
      1. ______________ (ex. I luv craft beer- so gotta shout-out to Beau’s Beer in Vanleek, Ontario)
      2. _______________(ex. Been reading a lot too, enjoying Canadian author Jesse Thistle’s, “From the Ashes”)
      3. _______________(ex. And one of my FAV sweaters is from a shop in Ottawa called KANIA)
      Let's keep this going, #SupportLocalCanadaChallenge - I name (3 people) ...give us your "Gotta Try" list!
      Let's #SupportLocal!
      Thanks Everyone and Keep Safe.
      ***Add footer text:
      (#SupportLocalCanadaChallenge #DéfiSoutenirEntreprisesLocaux JOIN THE MOVEMENT: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupportLocalCanada/ Tag: @poptikr)
      ***Add Tags:
      1. TAG: your friends for the challenge
      2. TAG: @poptikr (so we can add your “Gotta-Try” brands on our Canadian Business Page: https://poptikr.com/ as a central source for Canadians to discover Canadian Brands to support and shop)
      3. TAG: your “Gotta Try” Canadian Brands
  2. Canadian Business Page for local Retail/Restaurants: Calling all Brands!
    Brands can submit there Business Listing for free on our online “Gotta-Try” directory and Canadians can visit our website to discover Canadian retail/restaurants across the country, alongside those that were mentioned via the #SupportLocalCanadaChallenge!
    1. Visit https://poptikr.com/
  3. POPtv: Calling all Canadian Business (Retail/Restaurants) AND Canadian Special Guests!
    Retail and Restaurant Brands looking for additional exposure can schedule a free guest spot on “POPtv” an additional feature by POP TikR which broadcasts a live video segment to further promote brands and their products for Canadian’s to discover. Its also an opportunity to understand the impacts of Covid19 on local business.
    1. Interested Retail and Restaurant brands can email kdhanoa@poptikr.com
    2. Brand guests connect remotely for a Live video broadcast held weekly on “POPtv” aired on:

Please FOLLOW- SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Thank YOU for lending a hand UP!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupportLocalCanada/
Website: https://poptikr.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poptikr/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/POPtikr
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamal-dhanoa-92529a5b/
POPtv (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8mWqZmZGjCedPkqclO3Dew/

#SupportLocalCanada INITIATIVE Overview:

GOAL: Advance the not-for-profit #SupportLocalCanada movement to help businesses in our community (hit hard by the Corona Virus). Let's give them a boost in morale, gratitude and support - as well as offer a spotlight on Canadian Brands.

And now with your help- we can AMPLIFY this collective positive voice Coast to Coast to Coast. From a social cause perspective, not only does local business enrich the heart and soul of every city, but it contributes directly to the health of a community- providing jobs, economic prosperity, local supply chains, fair trade environments, and often a direct source of funding to many local charities. Despite the devastation Covid19 has inflicted, it has also left a positive opportunity for us all to take the time to reflect on what's important to us and the greater community. Our hope is to build a #SupportLocal message and amplify it across Canada, to make a positive change during Covid19 and beyond.

“Our start-up is in the business of retail marketing, our passion is helping brands grow. Our platform and app was currently under development when Covid19 hit the world- like many of us, we were blindsided, much needed funding was now up in the air. Although our tool could have been helpful for local business during this pandemic, we just didn’t have access to resources to complete development in a few short weeks. However, I wanted to do something - as now more than ever local businesses everywhere need our help and fast. In this regard, we are allocating our available resources such as our website to highlight local retail and restaurants for free and have started a #SupportLocalCanadaChallenge, alongside “POPtv”. We are looking for you help to amplify the movement and promote Canadian Business and Brands to Canadians from coast to coast to coast.”