POP TikR helps you save money while contributing to your local community.
Benefits Everyone: job creation, reduced environmental impact, keeps money in the community, charitable contributions, more creativity, arts, and culture. #EconomicRecovery #SocialImpact #HealthierCommunities
Yes, you can use the “my wallet” feature to save deals.
No POP TikR is a free app that helps you save money and support your community.
We are growing and will be coming to an area near you soon. However, until then, feel free to browse our “Online Deals” tab- and shop Canadian businesses.
You will be able to search nearby deals wherever you go! Also, you can use the search bar to look up deals in any city as we expand across Canada.
We have two ways you can redeem #SupportLocal deals:
Nearby Deals:
Promotions will be shown based on what stores you are close to. Whenever you get within 1km (approximately) of the business the “Redeem Now” button will become activated. Simply tap and the promo code will appear on your screen. Present this to the merchant.
Online Deals:
When you find an online deal you like, simply use the listed promo code provided and enter it at checkout on the merchants website (*you can also click our convenient “Copy Code & Go To Store” button which takes you directly to the merchant website saving the promo code to your clipboard for an easy right click copy/paste.)
Unfortunately, POP TikR is not involved with the fulfillment aspect of the deal. Any questions about specific promotions should be sent to the merchant directly.
We’re sorry to hear that; send us a request here: Contact Us , and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


POP TikR is a new essential tool for Canada, dedicated to supporting local shops, restaurants, services, attractions and more. The POP TikR app helps your local business gain in-store and online traction in your city and right across Canada. Boost your visibility and sales. COVID-19 has hit local businesses hard, and we are here to help.
POP TikR helps residents save money while supporting the community by sharing fun “POP-UP” deals and promotions from local businesses just steps away. GPS technology makes this app #ECO and #CONVENIENT which customers LUV. It also makes it super easy for them to discover local shops, services, attractions and more. In addition, POP TikR customers from across Canada can discover your online shop and promos. Increase BOTH your storefront and online traction. Add Your Business today.
EASY! Add Your Business today. Merchants can create their account to log into the POP TikR Merchant Platform. Once you have completed your account profile and have entered your store location details, you can start creating your “POP-UP” deals. Our easy to use platform allows merchants to build and preview their “POP-UP” deals, select their offer date range, and activate the offers for customers to view on the POP TikR app. Customers can now discover your deal and shop at your store (in-store and/or online).
Customers LUV using POP TikR because it’s fun, convenient and they get access to deals while supporting local businesses.
In-Store Deal: the customer simply shows the merchant the “Promo Code” on the POP TikR app. The merchant can then easily redeem it on their own POS. No integration required, no scanning devices or equipment required. *Merchants create their deals on the POP TikR Merchant Platform, where they get to enter a “Promo Code” of their choice, one that works for them and their POS system.
Online Deal: the customer simply enters your online “Promo Code” that is active on your e-commerce site.
No problem, we have a feature for that! Simply go to the Merchant Platform and mark the deal as "Sold Out". Customers will be notified right away.
We are here to help local businesses get through COVID-19. POP TikR understands how hard Merchant revenue has been hit due to the pandemic. Unlike similar platforms that may take up to 50% of a Merchants already discounted sale. We operate differently, a model that is much more favourable to local business. And right now, we are offering a limited time discounted rate starting at only $29.95/month $0/month! Free and no credit card required! We're here to help, let's get our businesses back on their feet. *Hurry, limited time offer.
POP TikR is in Ottawa, and expanding across Canada we we speak!
We value our active community of customers and merchants. Therefore, the safety of our clients is a key priority. We may require merchants to provide such documents to allow us to ensure all businesses using our platform are legitimate and without fraud.
Although the majority of our Merchant applications do get approved, in some instances certain businesses do get declined.
Some reasons include:
-You're not a local business
-Your business is not a B2C retail-oriented brand or service (*we do not accept B2B brands)
-Your business does not belong to our current category list (*Food & Dining, Retail, Local Services, Attractions, Recreation, Travels & Stays, Beauty & Health, Pets). Should your business still fit as a B2C retail-oriented brand or service, but is currently not listed in the above mentioned categories, Contact Us, and tell us more- we are always looking at new category expansions.
-Your Business Verification document was not verifiable or your business did not meet our criteria. *At the moment we can only accept businesses that have an actively registered BN (assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency – CRA and in good standing).
-Your business is a drop shipping entity. At the moment we do not accept drop shipping brands.
Don't worry about this now, everything is FREE (no credit card required). Once we implement billing, you will be notified and you can update your card payment details anytime on the Merchant Web Platform. Right now let's focus on helping your business re-cover, gain more traction and boost sales. Let's AMPLIFY local!
Sorry, you can only have one contact associated to your Merchant Account at this time.

Privacy and Terms of Use

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